The software applications used may contain “cookie” technology. Cookies mainly have the function of facilitating user navigation. Cookies may provide information on navigation within the Site and allow the operation of some services that require identification of the user’s path through different pages of the Site. The cookies in the software applications used are anonymous and are not traceable to the user’s personal data. For any access to the portal regardless of the presence of a cookie, the type of browser (eg Internet Explorer, Netscape), the operating system (eg Macintosh, Windows), the host and the URL of origin of the visitor are recorded, in addition to data on the requested page. In any case, the user has the possibility to set his browser in order to be informed when you receive a cookie and decide to delete it. Further information on cookies can be found on the websites provided by browsers.

“Cookies are then distinguished in” session “and” persistent “, the first once downloaded are then deleted when the browser is closed, the latter are stored on the user / visitor’s hard disk until they expire. they are mainly used to facilitate navigation of the site, to understand which sections of the site have generated a certain number of pages and users and also for the delivery of advertising formats In relation to Boccon Divino advertising messages, like most of the competing sites , uses cookies generated by other sites to deliver advertising formats Session cookies instead are mainly used in the authentication, authorization and navigation in services that are accessed through a registration.

Cookies can be of various types, depending on the type of data that they store and how much time they remain stored on the user’s device.

Session cookies, or temporary cookies, are those that expire or are canceled when the browser is closed, while the persistent ones have longer maturities (from a few minutes to whole months) depending on the functions they perform. It is these functions that distinguish cookies in two categories: technical and non-technical (or profiling).

Technical cookies manage the data necessary to provide pages and facilitate navigation, allowing, for example, not to re-enter user and password to access particular services, to remember the last page visited or to what extent it is seen a video, to recognize the type of device in use and to adapt the size of the images accordingly. Technical cookies also allow aggregate statistical analysis on the most visited pages and user preferences, but only anonymously, and are not used to analyze the behavior or preferences of individual users.

Profiling cookies, on the other hand, are used to analyze the interests and browsing habits of individual users, to personalize their browsing and provide, for example, content, including advertising, targeted to particular interests.

Cookies can be provided directly by the operator of the site on which you are browsing (first-party cookies) or, in case the site relies on external services for particular functions, by third parties (third-party cookies).

Boccon Divino uses cookies on its pages both technical and non-technical, including third parties, in order to improve the experience on its site, adapting it, for example, depending on the browser and device in use, selecting the type of content displayed , or exposing advertisements of potential interest to the individual user.

The navigation on the pages of Boccon Divino involves the use of technical cookies and not (the latter also called “profiling”), first and third party, necessary for the provision of the service, used for statistical purposes, analysis of navigation and for the provision of customized commercial services and communications.

If you are on the Boccon Divino website and display the information banner of the existence of cookies, if you continue browsing the site, clicking on any element of the site or on an image or even simply scrolling the page or closing the information layer by clicking the button “X”, you consent to the use of profiling cookies described in this statement and implemented in the pages of the Boccon Divino website.

It is possible to disable the functions of cookies, both first and third parties, directly from the browser you are using, according to the instructions provided by the relative producers, or by using special programs; however, Boccon Divino would like to remember that restricting the ability of websites to send cookies can make the user’s browsing experience worse.

The consent to receive cookies can also be expressed through specific browser configurations by users. Most browsers allow you to set rules to manage cookies sent only by some or all sites, an option that offers users a more precise control of privacy and deny the possibility of receiving the same cookies, or in any case to change the choices previously made.

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Third-party cookies

While browsing the pages of Boccon Divino, for statistical purposes or profiling for the provision of advertising, non-technical cookies may be issued by third parties and not directly by Boccon Divino.

Following the list of the third parties involved with the links to the related management policies.

Google Analytics – Statistical cookies
Facebook – Profiling cookies
Twitter – Profiling cookies
Google+ – Profiling cookies
Linkedin – Profiling cookies
Pinterest – Profiling cookies

For more information and to disable third-party cookies:


Place method and duration of data processing

The processing operations connected to the web services of the Site take place at the Boccon Divino office and are carried out by technical staff specifically responsible for data processing, using automated or manual tools, for the time strictly necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected . No data deriving from the web service is communicated or disseminated to third parties without the consent of the interested party, except in cases where this is strictly functional to render a service requested by the interested party.

User rights.

In accordance with the provisions of Chapter III “Rights of the Interested Party” of the GDPR, the user’s rights in relation to the processing of personal data carried out on the Site are described below.

Boccon Divino therefore intends to inform the user on the existence of the following rights: (i) right of access to data, (ii) the right to request rectification, deletion, or limitation of processing, (iii) the right to object to processing, (iv) the right to data portability, (v) the right to withdraw consent to processing, at any time and (vi) the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

The rights specified in the points (i) – (ii) – (iii) – (iv) – (v) referred to above in Section III “Rights of the Interested Party” of the GDPR can be exercised by the user by contacting in writing to Boccon Divino, at the following address:

Ristorante Boccon Divino snc, Via Entella, 18 – 16043 Chiavari (GE).

Data processing for journalistic purposes

Any personal data present in the context of the informative contents of the Site, present for the purposes of journalistic information (news, photos, videos, etc.), are processed in accordance with the provisions of Title XII of the Privacy Code and in particular of articles 136 (Journalistic purposes and other manifestations of thought), 137 (Applicable provisions), 138 (Professional secrecy) and 139 (Code of deontology related to journalistic activities), as well as to the articles 85 (Treatment and freedom of expression and information) and 89 (Warranties and exceptions related to processing for archival purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes) of the GDPR.

Data Protection Officer (RPD-DPO)

Israel Feller c / o Ristorante Boccon Divino snc, Via Entella, 18 – 16043 Chiavari (GE), Italy