Two sincere testimonies, fully reported, describe our enthusiasm, our desire to grow, always. Today, in 2018, the restaurant wears a new livery, it’s brighter and more welcoming, enriched by the experience and the consensus gained over the years.

There’s not the classic sea view, but you always want to go back to this small city local dedicated to the refined Ligurian sea and country cuisine, now one of the most famous and reputable restaurants in Chiavari. Renewed a few years ago, welcomes guests in a essential stylish room: the spaces are narrow and there is a small dehors overlooking the street to be enjoyed in nice days (bonus). On the table, dishes with a measured and cured appearance, reinterpretations of tradition, great quality fish, mostly, of daily arrival (the extra items are usually, together with a small basic menu). Great classics like cappon magro, always well executed, are accompanied by excellent spaghetti with seafood cooked in the Ligurian style, or more creative dishes, even meat. Don’t forget to taste the homemade desserts, in splendid closing. The cellar allows you to accompany everything properly, with a nice choice on regional productions. Friendly and professional service. 

Gambero Rosso 2017

Located in a narrow street of the town center, it is a consolidated address. Excellent selection of local wines, from the calibrated quality / price ratio, ideal to accompany a refined cuisine, performed without frills, but this year it seemed a bit ‘less interesting than in the past. The inside area consists of a single room not too big, and there’s also a small dehors overlooking the street (bonus): on the blackboard the dishes of the day, consisting of the fish available at the moment, otherwise a restricted but studied menu. Novellame with vegetables is enjoyable, tasty and balanced; well executed and discrete on the whole, spaghetti with anchovies. Convincing fish in Ligurian way, which can change depending on the daily catch, cooked with potatoes, pine nuts and raisins. On a daily basis there is also a meat dish for those who want more. Menu of desserts varied and peculiar, with inviting creations and in some cases whimsical, from the millefoglie scomposta to ice cream brewer’s yeast taste with tomato sauce, asparagus and capers. Informal and kindly service.

Gambero Rosso 2016